Direct students to available computers.

LabFind empowers students to find available computers, software and study space, live in real-time. Students can find a quiet space to work, a printer or a specific software program.

Navigate fast.

Students can quickly navigate to the closest computer with step-by-step directions. LabFind utilizes the address or GPS coordinates you input for each lab, and navigates through each phone’s default map tools for a seamless experience.

Bring hard-to-find resources (like those new Macs in the basement) to the surface with LabFind so you can even out usage, reduce student complaints and extend the life of your hardware.

Find specialty software.

Students can search for the software they need and find a list of available computers that have it installed.

Giving students the power to find software allows you to strategically deploy expensive packages like SPSS, Mathematica and Adobe, improving the student experience without having to budget for site-wide licenses.

Discover printers and more.

Show students where to find printers, scanners, copiers, projectors, whiteboards, 3D printers and group spaces on campus, so that access to technology and tools never gets in the way of their success.

Discovering campus resources in LabFind helps students quickly familiarize themselves with your campus. LabFind is perfect for:

  • New students
  • First-generation college students
  • International students
  • Non-traditional students
  • Commuters
  • And more

Branded for your school.

LabFind empowers students to find computers and software on your campus, so it should look and feel like an extension of your school’s branding.

It’s easy to customize LabFind with your college or university’s logo and colors.

Learn More.

To learn more about LabFind, schedule a tutorial to be guided through all the features.

LabFind works with LabStats to provide search and navigation options for students. If you don’t have LabStats yet, schedule a walkthrough to learn more.